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Commemorating Steve Jobs

Before Steve Jobs passed away I had only a vague understanding of his contribution to the way we consume technology today. Of course I knew that Apple = Steve Jobs but I hadn’t much insight into what he created or how he relied on his intuition and refused to conduct consumer research.

Which is why I really enjoyed reading Techland’s article ‘Apple: Steve Jobs Has Died’ . It provided a lot of external information through hyperlinks that helped to paint a very clear picture of Steve Jobs as a man, an entrepreneur and a business visionary.


‘Apple: Steve Jobs Has Died’

The article began with an large image of Job and a social media toolbar right underneath (which is a layout I haven’t seen before). The toolbar was especially bold and clear (maybe they wanted to uber promote the sharing of this article?).

The article contained a brief summary of the announcement of Jobs’ death as well as statements issued by influential people in the industry and public figures which included Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerburg, Founders of Yahoo, Pixar, Twitter, Dell and Google.

I really enjoyed reading what different people had to say about Jobs because it gave me a better idea of what kind of person he was and what it was that made him special and successful. As well as providing different perspectives the article did an awesome job of compiling relevant and interesting info about Jobs and his work. There was a total of eighteen links which included images, videos, old Time articles from 10-15 years ago, predictions for the future of Apple, the products that defined Jobs, feature articles, opinion pieces and even analysis of tweets about Jobs’ death.

I particularly liked the ’10 Products that Defined Steve Jobs’ Career’ link. I found it the most useful because it was image heavy and accurately summarized the progress of Apple computers. This article also had a hyperlink to related info on each of the ten pages of representing the 10 products.

Overall I really like the style and the content of Techland. Its quite simple but well structured and very informative. Each article serves as a gateway to a number of other articles which may or may not link back to it. Like a spiderweb.

And thanks Techland for helping me learn about Steve Jobs! 🙂


I leave you with this lovely video tribute.



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