Digital Gifting Culture

Giving gifts to acquaintances and people we don’t see often is  a pain in the ass. Am I spending too little/too much? Are they going to hate it? Do I care?

As with everything these days, there is a digital solution to the problem. Which is exactly what Fast Company has written about…

Fast Company

‘Present Perfect: Why Gift-Giving Sites Are Having Their Groupon Moment’


The article talks about a new startup called ‘Giftiki‘ that allows everyone to chip in for a present (digitally of course) and the total amount is then given to the recipient who can then buy what they want themselves.

The angle the article takes is that the buying experience has changed profoundly online and that consumers are open to new ways of thinking when it comes to online spending. In a way sites like Giftiki provide a unifying experience for the users who know that their contribution will make a difference to the final result.

So basically Giftiki is capitalising on the digital trend for collaboration. Collaboration online has exploded alongside social networking, social gaming and the phenomenon of sharing…everything.


I’ve already written extensively on the layout used by Fast Company. I like it. It’s not too heavy on hyperlinks yet they support the content just enough. Visually its also very comprehensive. There are two images embedded in the article, both of which are relevant (one is a visual of gift boxes as the intro image) while the other is a snapshot if the Giftiki site.  I do like their invitation to “chat about this news” with the reporter who wrote it and with Fast Company. Two hyperlinks take you to the twitter page of the publication and the reporter.

Very convenient.

I leave you with a little video of the Giftiki team…in case you were wondering what intelligent and fascinating people made it happen.



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7 responses to “Digital Gifting Culture

  1. What a great idea! I think in today’s world it’s best to just provide the money to someone to buy what their heart desires…do you feel that this idea is the future of gifts? That’s exciting but in a way sad as well as half the fun of traditional gifts was unwrapping and opening them, and keeping the wrapping as a souvenir 🙂
    Also, another good idea would be simply have delivered the gift via Ebay or something to the gift-receiver’s place!
    And visit my blog if you can thanks!

  2. Have you tried the digital gift-giving? What’s the difference betwteen it and debiting your friends some money. I think the gift-giving on facebook is truely digital as it doesn’t involve any material elements.

    • irinabel

      No I haven’t but I do think its a good idea especially if you have a large network of friends and someone’s birthday is always popping up. It saves a lot of time looking for a present in a shopping center too.

  3. sachalafraz

    You mean like farm-ville animals?

    • irinabel

      No. More like if a person you don’t know well invited you to their birthday, you can invite your mutual friends to Giftiki and you can all chip in like $5 towards the present. And birthday person will get the total amount.

  4. So wonderful article, and I am interested in the content of it. But maybe match a couple of pictures is much better to help the audiences obtaining a information.

  5. I like the web design of your blog entry. It has meangul pictures like and interestion video from Youtube.
    It is much better than boring newspaper news.
    The structure of your blog entry are very clear, i can catch your ideas very quickly.
    Emily (Lujia Han)

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