Google Wallet

I have two words for you. Google Wallet.

We’ve already entered the age where technology is the new It girl/thing so its not surprising that radically innovating services pop up more and more frequently.

Google wallet is the thing on every techaholic’s lips. It allows you to pay for goods by swiping your phone past what looks much like an EFTPOS machine.


Techcrunch Review: Google Wallet

Techcrunch provided a lovely and detailed overview. The article totally owned its online location by utilizing the features characteristic of the medium.

It includes pictures of the software on the android phone and how the wallet works as well as two videos-“Google Wallet Walkthrough” and “Paying with Google Wallet”

The first video resembles a Youtube user review of a new gadget they had just received (I love those) and the second is actually an amateur video done by the writer of the article as he embarks on his Google Wallet trial i.e. buying fries from Maccas.

The comment section is also really cool. You can choose which social media you want to comment from. For example you can choose to comment using Facebook, Hotmail, AOL or Yahoo. Nice! The downside is you HAVE  TO  comment using one of those four options. You can’t, just, comment. Which I find a bit constricting and prejudiced against those of us who actually aren’t on any social networks at all.


Google wallet won’t dominate mobile payment scene: 10 reasons why

Eweek has valid and clear criticisms of Google wallet, however the layout of the page makes me cringe. I’m sorry but….its really really UGLY! *tear.

And its filled with ads which adds (haha pun) to the visual unpleasantness.

The content is good and simply organised however. Basically the article describes ten criticisms of the google wallet

Apparently Eweek is “published twice monthly, eWEEK covers a wide variety of industry topics and is a top resource for IT professionals who are responsible for researching, purchasing and implementing IT solutions for their companies.” But how can it be so…ugly and unsophisticated if its for IT professionals, how??





I leave you with this awesome promo:

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  1. I like how you have laid out your blog posts. You have done a really great job here in using video and pictures to give your analysis of the article. I am terrified of google wallet. LONG live paper and plastic money!

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