iPods, Youtube and Self Reflection

Digital Media and Self Reflection

After my countless degree changes, I found myself doing a Journalism and communications post grad degree. I am now finding this position slightly problematic as have never done journalism in the past yet assumed I would be good at it.

My delusion was shattered when I was faced with writing a hard news story, which also meant facing grueling research and interviews. I had no f&%$ idea how do interview people, despite reading the theory behind it, because clearly you have to interview people to know how to interview people. So I did. And I sucked. My questions went something like this;

“So would you say that the new mental health care center is inappropriate because it’s not exclusively for mental health, like I mean, because alcohol abuse patients have to share amenities or because …um it’s such a big centre with many floors and …um patients don’t feel comfortable or what would you say is the…. problem with the new center or how is it worse than community centers? …um.”

Epic fail.
I’m probably on the level of this chick:

So how is this connected to digital technology? Well, the main reason I could reflect upon this monstrosity of a question above, was taping the interview and playing it back afterwards with an iPod touch. I do realize that tape recorders were around long before iPods but the difference is the package. The difference is the ease with which I am able to record audio files and mess around with them using iTunes. Three, four years ago I would have had to go out and buy a tape recorder if I wanted to use one for an interview. The odds are I wouldn’t have bothered.

But with an iPod touch I get it all. I get to surf the net and do my journo research online if I want to, I get to listen to calming music while I’m freaking out about the due date, I get to record my hideous retarded interviewing, and acknowledge it via playback in iTunes. Most importantly by listening to myself I get to improve the way I conduct interviews in the future, oh and of course there’s that tiny benefit of having the interviewee’s answers on hand for quotes.

Similarly video blogging is a great way to self reflect (in other words to see how your nose twitches when you want to emphasize a point, or how one of your eyes becomes oddly squinty when you smile, or how you say uuumm, every ummm second ummm word).

I do video blogs for my university and seeing myself from an observer’s point of view has been really interesting.

1. I get to see the way I naturally speak.
2. I get to sort my thoughts out and make my mind clearer by scrutinizing whether what I’m talking about actually makes sense.

I’m going to attach one of my video posts, just for shits and giggles (try not to cringe or die of boredom).


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